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Best Social Media Automation Tools for Startups


Preet Joshi


June 3, 2021

Social media marketing is changing quickly but the one thing that stays the same is how tough it is to grow on social networks as a small businesses.  Keeping social audiences engaged takes time and effort. One way to help you growth process is social media automation. 

The right combination of picture and caption can have a massive impact on your businesses social media well being and organic growth.Multimedia content is a must if you want to be successful online. Every company uses social media platforms to advertise and strengthen their brand image. That's where social media automation tools come into play.

Before learning about our top five automation apps, here are the benefits of these tools. A major plus is the boost of customer interaction. These tools tell you the best time to post for the highest engagement. Automation tools will also save you time and help you plan your posts ahead of time.

This app helps to develop social media marketing strategies by identifying trending topics articles, keywords and hashtags. BuzzSumo has the ability to gather deep knowledge from within your niche. That's the main reason why it has become so popular with marketers. BuzzSumo also offers tons of other apps like content analyser and facebook analyser, all at an affordable price.

Buffer is the best social media scheduler for anyone who has difficulty with posting lots of content. Buffer is compatible with all platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter and you can per plan all your posts, stories and tweets weeks in advance. Additionally, the buffer also monitors the engagement on your posts. All of that wrapped in a simple user-friendly interface.

Canva is the best tool to add some spice to your posts, it allows you to make stories, posts, ads and campaigns. With Canva anyone can become a graphic designer with a simple drag and drop setup. Canvas free version offers tons of stock images, graphics and templates. There is also a premium version that offers even more tools.

SmartQueue was especially created to streamline your day to day social media activities. SmartQueue automates your social media scheduling through queues, posting plans and content categories. Using all of that information is published on a user friendly calendar. SmartQueue intagrats with any and all platforms like facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter and pinterest.        


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