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How to save time creating social media content


Preet Joshi


June 3, 2021

We all know that content creation is a time consuming process. It requires thinking about what to post, creating a graphic, writing a caption, selecting hashtags, posting the content, and engaging with your audience in the comments. It's a tedious task you have to do over and over again. In spite of the challenges of creating social media content, showing up consistently reaps substantial benefits. You can build a following by consistently posting useful content.

Content planning process

Plan your social media content for the upcoming month every month. With a content plan that outlines the content topics you want to cover for the entire month, you can take a fresh look at your content and be more strategic in your approach. Take one to two hours each month to plan your content. When you plan, be sure to consider the number of posts and the goal of each.

Plan a month of content

Plan and create a detailed schedule for your entire month's content first.
Assuming you already have your monthly content plan and road map in place, you should follow the steps below each week so that your content creation process is well-oiled.

Content visuals

Decide what visuals are needed to be created for the week using your content road map. Create a list of everything you need, including stock photos, custom graphics, videos, reels, cover images, etc. After you have made your list, it is time to get started. You can use a tool such as Canva for creating custom branded graphics. Build a resource library of templates that you can customize every week with different content. By doing this, you keep your branding consistent each week and also save time versus starting from scratch every week.

Write all the Captions

It is not necessary to spend hours creating captions. You can quickly write captions that convert your audience by batching captions and following a caption formula. You should include the following in your caption:
Hook - Start off with an attention-grabbing message. Your caption's first 7-14 words are like your first impression on someone new. The audience needs to be motivated to click the "read more" button.
Value - You should deliver on the promise you made in your hook and share content that teaches, entertains, or sells.


When you're posting on Instagram you’ll have the option to add up to 30 hashtags and to the first comment of your post. Finding the right hashtags to use can be a lengthy process. A good rule of thumb is to target all kinds of hashtags in your niche, from big to small and everything in between. When used strategically and thoughtfully, Hashtags are great for increasing the reach of your posts.



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