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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants 


Preet Joshi


June 3, 2021

5 Tips to Help You Jump Start Social Media Marketing for Your Restaurant 

Nowadays, it is so crucial to make your restaurant visible in the virtual space of social media. Creating content for social media can be a time consuming task. That's why we have come up with 5 awesome content ideas that you can implement. Using them will get you noticed and spread the word on your restaurant.

Offer coupons

Giving out coupons for special occasions or just a random tuesday can be a great way to get your customers from your social media page through your front door. Coupons can also lower the number of orders that come in through third party services. People are always looking for a good deal and don't care where they order from. Coupons will give people any extra push to order on your platform and save you the commission and transaction fees from third party ordering groups.

Make videos

Post pictures of happy customers and delicious food is a given. But don't be afraid to mix things out with a short video. Videos are a lot better at engaging with the viewer and they perform better on facebook and instagram. In your videos try to showcase your food and how it's made. Or record a video of your team singing happy birthday to a customer. Videos can create a wholesome vibe and give your potential customers more reasons to come.

Behind the Scenes

Not only do people enjoy the feel of a behind the scenes look but it is also a great way to determine if the food being eaten is safe. With that in mind why not make videos of the cooking crew in action. What's more appealing than seeing great food being cooked in front of your eyes. When making these sorts of clips stick to a 1 to 2 minute time stamp and go for a B role style. B role is a type of filming technique that is costly in terms of editing hours but is a wonderful way to market because it is satisfying to watch and an interactive experience for the viewers. The B role effect makes video content more appealing and memorable.

Customer pictures

Customer photos are a fantastic form of publicity because of its authenticity. Customer pictures give a raw and unfiltered look on the restaurants. A customer's posts on social media creates a buzz in between the friend group about your restaurant. One way to encourage them is by sharing your customers' photos on your account. So next time don't forget to encourage your customers to take photos.

Engaging Customer

Most people forget that social media is about communicating with the audience rather than being in a one way conversation. That's why it's important to reply to your customer comments fast and in a friendly way. Engaging with people on recent posts will get the algorithm to push your post on top of your followers feed. Most importantly respond to any negative review in a way that will benefit your brand and clear up any confusion.   


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