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5 Key Advantages of SEO for Small Businesses


Preet Joshi


May 1, 2021

What are backlinks and why are they important?
When we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and creating a successful website, it's very important to look at every aspect that makes for the perfect strategy. Whether it's content, metatags or keywords, everything matters when it comes to the rating of your website and how much traffic it can attract. If you look up anything on Google, you might notice that while some of the links and websites appear on the first page, many of the websites are not able to make it. And the main reason behind it is SEO.

And another part which belongs to SEO is backlinks. We cannot stress enough how important backlinks are to increase the rating of your website. But before getting into the benefits, it is best if you start from the top.

What exactly are backlinks?
Backlinks are also known as inbound or one-way links and they are links from other websites or domains that will redirect the user to your website or page. It is an incredible way of promoting your blog or website and the best part of it is that it just uses hyperlinks from another source. Seems easy right? But no, there are a lot of things that matter when it comes to choosing and earning the right backlinks and also need to remember that quality plays a major role.

Backlinks and SEO- why are they important?
When we talk about Google's algorithm, backlinks play a major role in the ranking factor and you can also say it is one of the most important. It will affect your SEO and search engine results page ranking. But how? In simple terms, if a lot of popular websites think that your website content is good enough to link to, then maybe you are providing the kind of content which people are looking for when they search for something on Google. It is like showing that they believe and have trust on your website.

When a lot of good quality websites will vouch for your content using backlinks, it sends a signal to the search engines and aggregates the volume and relevance of all the pages that are linking to your site. They understand that your content is what linking to and that is how it creates an impact on your page rank.

You can also say that the better the quality of the backlinks, the better will be your ranking.

Factors to be considered while earning and giving backlinks.
It is always better for you if you get backlinks from high ranking pages as compared to low ranking websites. You can also think of it like a letter of recommendation you want to apply for a job: you will always want to earn that recommendation from a respected source, isn't it? So instead of getting backlinks from low-authority and shady sites, backlinks from popular and high-authority sites will be much more valuable and beneficial in terms of SEO.

Same goes for when you provide links to different sites on your page. The choices you make regarding these- whether it's the backlinks, metatags or anchor text you're using, it will show the value you are offering to your audience and how genuine and trustworthy your site is.

The entire process of researching for competitive backlinks and creating content which is compelling enough to earn them can be quite exhausting. But if you are looking to excel in the SEO department, this process will definitely be worth it. Just remember that it's all about the quality of these backlinks which will determine the ranking of your site. Good luck!


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