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Preet Joshi


June 3, 2021

Link building is a hard task but when you build a strong network of reliable sources you will start to rank higher up on search results and an overall better SEO. It is difficult for any business to find the good quality websites that will like the content you have created. Even though link building is a tedious task there are a few steps that will make your life easier. 

Link building is not about what you know rather who you know. The best and quickest way to build is by taking a look at your friends and acquaintances who can help. It will help best to find someone with the ability to directly link you or to suggest your name for a growing website. Link building works best when the link being provided is relevant to the site being directed towards. when someone provides you with a link on their web page make use that it is a reliable source. A credible source will have their page secure, with meaningful content and less bombarding advertisements, overall stay away from sketchy sites.

If your friends are a bust you already have a viable relationship with your vendors. Most of the time they will be able to provide you with a good quality link. Some organizations are not prone to handing out links. The larger the vendor the less likely they are to support you, unless your company is well known in its industry. Smaller vendors are much easier to convince but for larger one contact the content manager. Ask the manager if you can write a case study for them, and of course link yourself in the report.

Companies often donate to nonprofits that align their brand image and goal. There are two reasons for this, for one it feels good and two it just makes good business sense. Most companies fail to ask their charities for links and this is a big mistake on their end. Charities are always looking to advertise that a well known brand is donating to them. Don't donate just for a link, do it from the kindness of your heart and a link can be a small reward for your generosity.      

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